M'Clintock House

On July 16, 1848, some of the organizers of the First Women's Rights Convention met at Mary Ann and Thomas M'Clintock's home in Waterloo to draft a document listing women's social and legal disadvantages. They called this their Declaration of Sentiments, and based it on the Declaration of Independence, amending it to read, "all men and women are created equal."
M'Clintock Sofa

The McClintocks
MClintock House

Fifteen grievances demonstrated man's "establishment of an absolute tyranny" over woman, and called for action to establish women's legal and social equality with men. The Declaration of Sentiments formed the basis of discussion at the First Women's Rights Convention, and its amended form, signed by 100 participants, was the first publshed statement calling for equality for women in all areas of life.
M'Clintock Sofa
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