Annual Report 2014: Friends of Women’s Rights National Historical Park

This has been an important year for the Friends. We have expanded the Board to include members from across the country, all of whom are committed to a national fundraising drive for the park: Betty Bayer, Adriene Emmo, Carol A. Griffith, Marilyn Tedeschi, Jane Plitt, Judith A. Lonnquist, Kathy Rand, Emily McCarter, Juliet Habjan Boiselle, Marie Watkins, Martha Oschrin Robertson, Melinda Grube, and Sara Varhus.

We have also continued to support activities at the park, and we are looking forward to a celebration, in November, of the 200th anniversary of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s birth. Two efforts are of particular note:

With the support of the Nan Johnson Legacy Fund, two summer interns did projects at the Park:

  • Stephanie Cassidy created an art space for youth visitors during her Internship in 2014 at Women’s Rights National Historical Park.  Stephanie engaged the community by creating projects that foster community involvement, heighten art awareness, and educate park visitors about the history of the First Women’s Rights Convention. Stephanie is a senior at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Art Education. She is minoring in Painting, Art History, and Printmaking. In the future, Stephanie plans to work in a museum or in a school district as an Art Educator. Women's Rights National Historical Park and the Friends of Women's Rights National Historical Park helped Stephanie to pursue her dreams of using art to help others and raise awareness of important people and events.

Organized by member of the Board, Betty Bayer, and sponsored by Hobart and William Smith Colleges, the “Sentiments & Declarations” lecture series at the Park included the following:

  • Thursday, Sept. 25: "Trust, Activism, and Social Media," by Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies Karen Frost-Arnold.

  • Thursday, Oct. 23: "Hearing the Voice of the Subaltern: the Case of Mayotte Capécia," by Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies Marie-Hélène Koffi-Tessio.

  • Thursday, Nov. 20: "Demystifying the Bricks and Mortar of Main Street: An Early Story of Prefabrication," Assistant Professor of Architecture and Chair of Urban Studies Kirin Makker.

  • Thursday, Jan. 29: "Down on the Family Farm: Gender Inequality in an Iconic American Institution" by Assistant Professor of Economics and Women's Studies Elizabeth Ramey.

  • Thursday, Feb. 26, Wesleyan Chapel: "Slippery Identities and Broken Boundaries in Performance for Social Change," by Associate Professor of Theatre and founder of Mosaic NY Theatre Co. for Social Change Heather May.

  • Thursday, March 26: "Feminism and Theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1910-1920)," by Associate Professor of Spanish and Women's Studies and chair of Spanish and Hispanic Studies May Farnsworth.

  • Thursday, April 23: "Machinic Intimacies and Mechanical Brides: Love in the Era of New Media," by Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Women's Studies Alla Ivanchikova.

We appreciate our collaborative relationship with the Park Superintendent, Noemi Ghazala, and the Park staff, and we look forward to new ideas and projects in 2015.


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