Explore the Women's Rights National Historical Park from afar with Google Earth and learn about the revolutionary story of the 1848 Women's Rights Convention, held in Seneca Falls, NY, July 19 and 20, 1848. This virtual tour allows visitors to interact with the Park's pivotal story through pictures, video, maps, and text.

Kahoot Trivia Game

The Friends of Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY have also created a Kahoot trivia game, intended to be completed with or after taking the virtual tour with Google Earth. The game can be accessed here. Those who already have a Kahoot account can also locate this game by searching the following title, "Women's Rights Trivia: Virtual Tour of WORI." Once found, this trivia game can be saved and edited, as needed, for educational use.

Virtual Convention Days 2020
Legacies of our Foremothers

July 17-19, 2020

Convention Days has been a signature event in Seneca Falls for many years. This annual event allows visitors to engage with women’s history, focusing on the revolutionary 1848 Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention through art, storytelling, speakers, and special programming. The park will continue this tradition in a new format this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and host programs via the park’s website and social media platforms.

This year’s Convention Days theme, “Legacies of Our Foremothers,” focuses on the enduring contributions of the leaders of the early Women’s Rights Movement. Living history portrayals, along with presentations by scholars, artists, and park rangers, will aim to provide context and insight into lives and choices of those activists for social change. Online dialogue and a live question-and-answer session will allow virtual visitors to participate in discussions about the impact those historical figures continue to have on women’s rights today.

The weekend event will commence with a live broadcast on July 17 at 11 a.m. by Acting Superintendent DeKoter followed by a keynote presentation by author, legislator, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton descendant Coline Jenkins. Programs will also focus on the Centennial of the 19th Amendment. The 1848 convention called for women’s suffrage, but it took another 72 years before the right to vote in the U.S. could no longer be denied on the basis of gender. A schedule of events, including full details of the weekend’s programs, is available below.

The public can view scheduled events on the Park's YouTube Channel or Facebook Page.

Virtual Convention Days 2020 Schedule

Virtual Convention Days 2020
  • Friday, July 17, 2020

    11:00 AM
    Welcome Ceremony with Superintendent Andrea DeKoter (live) and Coline Jenkins

    12:00 PM
    Declaration of Sentiments reading by Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Portrayed by Dr. Melinda Grube)

    1:00 PM
    Living history: Elizabeth Cady Stanton (portrayed by Dr. Melinda Grube)

    1:30 PM
    The Challenge of Portraying Stanton w/ Dr. Melinda Grube

    2:00 PM
    Ranger Talk: Wesleyan Chapel

    3:00 PM
    Living History: Harriet Tubman (portrayed by Dr. Daisy Century)

    4:00 PM
    Ranger Talk: M'Clintock House

  • Saturday, July 18, 2020

    10:00 AM
    Living history: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and frederick Douglass (portrayed by Dr. Melinda Grube and Nathan Richardson)

    11:00 AM
    Livestream: Highlights Pro-Women's Skydiving Team- 19th Amendment Jump in Seneca Falls

    12:00 PM
    Penny Colman, author of The Vote:Women's Fierce Fight

    1:00 PM
    Living History: Susan B Anthony (portrayed by Marjorie Goldman)

    2:00 PM
    Live w/ Q&A: Grappling with Suffragists' Racism: New Approaches and Frameworks by Dr. Laura Free

    3:00 PM
    Ranger talk: Elizabeth Cady Stanton House

    4:00 PM
    Living history: Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth C Stanton, and Susan B Anthony

  • Sunday, July 19, 2020

    11:00 AM
    How New York Women Won Suffrage in 1917, with Dr. Kristi Anderson

    12:00 PM
    Living history: Frederick Douglass (portrayed by Nathan Richardson)

    1:00 PM
    Living history: Sojourner Truth (portrayed by Dr. Daisy Century)

    2:00 PM
    Shout! Poetry for Suffrage with Susanna Rich

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Our Vision is to insure, in perpetuity, the preservation of the Park for the inspiration and full achievement of equality for all.

To achieve this end, the national Friends organization raises funds for Park initiatives, including the preservation of Park historical sites and educational programs.



The Centennial Goal of the National Park Service is to connect with and create the next generation of Park visitors, supporters and advocates.

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